Online Marketing Tools for Shopify

Ecommerce is already considered as one of the online industries that are constantly growing. Among the ecommerce websites on the market is Shopify. This is a great tool you can use as a way to set up an online store from scratch. This means you get every opportunity possible to grow the business and develop a store that will reach millions of people around the globe.

Shopify offers you every opportunity of creating a site that gives online retailing a different name. The procedure offered by the site is quite easy. All you have to do is to choose this website template, take the time to list the different products, create connections with credit card companies for online orders, and delivery procedures. In just a few clicks of the computer, you now have this great accessibility to an online store.

There are so many reasons why Shopify is the most considered ecommerce solution. First, you are given this wide plethora of different web page designs. Each style is considered as superior and extremely powerful in terms of capturing the right audience. In fact, there are around a hundred of these different styles, which mean that you at least have this higher opportunity of standing out.

Hosting capabilities is also a part of the service of the Shopify system. This is the part where the company or your business is given this 24/7 server that will have as little downtime as possible. Eventually, this means that you get unlimited bandwidth that you can use for your own website expansion.

Plus, a good thing the Shopify ecommerce solution offers is the fact it comes with the secure shopping features. This is perhaps the major concern that so many people are so concerned about, and with the Shopify system on hand, you get this level 1 PCI DSS Compliant program that secures whatever data is transmitted online.

With the online market having so many tough competitions, you could do well to integrate marketing software solutions and tools to help the business. Here are four of these popular tools that could really help you land better visibility online.


Among the most notable tools you can use is the OsiAffiliate. This is the affiliate marketing software that allows the connected web pages to have accessibility to simple templates they can use for their own marketing. This feature is more popularly referred to as site replication process. In addition, this is the software application that gives you different creative banners and ads you can use to link the site. .

500 Friends - Loyalty Plus

The Loyalty Plus is considered as a business marketing technique that could help Shopify websites to gain an upper hand in social media marketing. This is the platform that will give you the increased customer loyalty, which is a great way to ensure client retention. Ideally, this is also a platform that will give your ecommerce website this better customer relationship as you get to reward the most loyal customers you have serve. Eventually, this tool will help increase the visibility of the web page on the market.


The customer is the lifeblood of any business, and this goes the same for the online businesses. The Custora is an online software tool that allows you to have this great analysis of the different trends that customers are looking forward to. It is able to work and identify the benchmarks and create this customer lifetime value that helps you retain these customers. By integrating this software to the Shopify ecommerce site, you have this better understanding of the marketing campaigns that work and those that did not.


Social media is what the Hootsuite will offer the Shopify ecommerce website. This is the tool that will offer the best dashboard for social media marketing. It is already noted that the Social networks are quite rampant in the market, and it is only perfect to have a tool such as the Hootsuite will help manage social profiles, help track the branding, and analyze the different traffics that come and go on the social media profile page.