Marketing Tools for Bigcommerce


This is a great tool for growing your business. You can use this software to enlist the help of other marketers to spread the word about your products. The software is easy to use and makes it easy to manage affiliates. All affiliates will have their separate admin panel where they can manage their commissions and get marketing materials.


500 friends also known as LoyaltyPlus is a business orientated website that helps you excel your business in many ways. For example, they help you with the marketing of your business which is the most important part and also to get clients linked to your business. If they have customers who are related to your business they will be notified. This way you can be helped by them.


Hubspot is a website which completely gives marketing towards it customers. It has the best ways of getting found by users who actually need your product or what you have. They find you the best and potential leads that you may need for your profits in the future.


Custora is a client based website and Custora is more like a customer. They help you find the best deals that you can get on your product and they will let you know if your prices are higher or lower. Custora believe in that if you make money, then they make money.


Zoho is a business related website. It has many customers that are looking for new businesses who are looking to expand thru sales and quality. Zoho help's all new business that are making their mark in the online community.


Highrise is basically software that helps maintain records of various clients, conversations and mostly invoices. Mainly an easy way for the clients to access their previous purchasing's. This way all the customers don't get tangle up in the data base that you are providing them and you are able to focus on quality which the clients are paying you for.


Genoo is software which helps you in increasing your sales. It finds you customers and they are potential sales as well. They follow up the customers as well in case if they have needed some technical support with their purchase so you are able to focus on sales.


MartetBright is software that helps in expanding your product in the market to get better customers and users. This may also help in technical support provided by the company and many do sales question if as for.


HootSuite is like a social network that helps companies to market their upcoming products and promotion. They get the best leads for the product that you are trying to sell in the local or international market.


Intercom is like a social network which helps you find customers and ask them for the feedbacks on your products or business what every may be your question. This is a great way to market your product online.


Salestrakr is a website that helps you build your companies profile and lets you market your product to the many users that may want it. If the user are interested the website will help you make the proper deal that you'd need to make.